We are a passionate team who are keen to bring a safe, fun, colurful and yet practical product to the Australian market.

BERNADETTE WALSH - Owner/Managing Director
With a strong background in marketing, Bernadette is never one to shy away from "thinking out-of-the-box". Prior to conceiving goolie goolie™, Bernadette resided in Los Angeles for seven years where she directed campaigns for music acts at Nettwerk Music Group, an independent record label, artist management and publishing company. Additionally, she coordinated marketing campaigns with MGM and Walden Media for motion picture soundtrack releases. Apart from traditional marketing campaigns, she also developed cross-promotional partnerships with non-music related companies such as Nascar, Chevrolet, Hallmark, EA Games and LA Galaxy.

goolie goolie™ is a product Bernadette is passionate about. She worked closely with her team from concept to final product stage, always ensuring that safety came first. As a mum to 2 young boys, she understands the importance of keeping our babies safe from potential harm.

KATE WALSH - Product Designer
Kate Walsh has worked in fine art and design for almost 25 years. She has run her own design and manufacturing business in fashion, as well as developing her art practise in drawing and painting as an exhibiting artist. Kate loves goolie goolie™ and has helped Bernadette materialize her ideas from concept to product. She knows that the goolie goolie™ product has passed every safety regulation in Australia, a place that is considered to have the highest standards in the world.

IANTHE ZEVOS - Creative Director
Ianthe Zevos is the creative director at Goolie Goolie and the principal behind zevos inc, a creative company providing innovative marketing and design solutions for the entertainment, fashion and lifestyle industries. A veteran of the entertainment industry, she brings the skills gained working with superstar talent to Goolie Goolie to create cohesive and striking visuals across all platforms and campaigns